Thursday, July 24, 2008

new job!

So I'm wrapping up my 4th week as a salaried Concept/2D artist at Venan Entertainment and I figure that by now it's been long enough that I'm not going to jinx it by posting it here!

Not only am I having a lot of fun, but since it's a relatively small team (I'm just the 3rd person in the art department) I get lots of hands-on nuts & bolts work on the projects at every stage of development.

This is the art test I completed for them, the assignment was to design a concept and sprites for a boss character for their recent EA mobile title, Road Rash. I decided that a scooter-riding snake charmer from Calcutta would be an idea addition to the roster of baddies. The required sprites were two version, 90 and 32 pixels high.