Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more Dom War III

Showing the side view of the ortho, plus the current working pencils for the final image.


Sean Andrew Murray said...

Wow, neat, I like this guy! I also love that you are taking pics of the pages on the drawing table... that's a good idea, gets people more involved in your process and your world.

I am glad you have started a blog! hoorah! Can't wait to see how this guy turns out. We should have our DW creatures fight each other in a comic book.

P.S. take the word verification off of your comment page manager. :P

Brendan Keough said...

Ok, word verif off! I confess I still haven't fully explored all of the settings.

Good point about the photo thing, I'll have to continue doing that.

I often work on 11" x 17" bristol board and it usually takes 3 scans to digitize it -- that's why I took the photo of the first stage.

FYI: you can get lightweight (67 lb) packages of 125 - 250 11x17 sheets of bristol at office supply stores much more cheaply than at art supply stores.

Brendan Keough said...


Word verif's are back. Had a spam post within 15 minutes of turning them. It wanted to install some kind of XP virus protection/scanner on my Mac. :P

Is there some other way to avoid that kind of crap?