Monday, May 5, 2008

retro-future wizard and barbarians

Today I have a mostly-finished steampunky swashbuckling wizard (which I have encumbered with the ungainly character class of "swashzard."), also for Midnight Studios.

I also just got clearance tonight to post this massive 18-piece dump of character designs I did for Luminous Arts. I did these drawings in a bit of a marathon, all were drawn in about 5 evenings, after getting home from the day job (product designer and all-around pixel jockey at the Danbury Mint) It's pretty safe to assume these guys are barbarians, but the project is unannounced and possibly liable to be taken down if the client disapproves. So gander while the goose is golden! :)


axel#13 said...

Very cool looking character designs here in your Blog!

Brendan Keough said...

Hey Axel#13, thanks! as much as I dislike normal clowns, I'll have to keep an eye out for the creepy outerspace ones on your blog. :)

Sean Andrew Murray said...

Solid stuff. Your work is really getting a lot tighter!